A Step From Heaven by Ah Na

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Step From Heaven
A Step From Heaven, was written by An Na. This book earns the award called, “Winner Of the 2002 Michael L. Printz Award, and A 2001 National book Award Finalist.” This novel is An Na's first novel. This story is narrated by Young Ju Park. This book It’s mirrors an expression of life to the reader and reflect the real life not dramatic or romantic story. When I read this book it made me concentrate on climax, and I couldn't stop reading it. An Na told the story through a series of imagery to help us create the little pictures. I highly recommend this book to teenage and adult.

Young Ju, a Korean girl was the protagonist of this story. Her family thought America could be a better place for them. It would fulfill their dreams and happiness. When she was young, she heard a lot about America that it was sure enough to be a heaven if they moved there. However, everything didn't go as they wanted. Sometimes a dream is perfect and wonderful, but reality is opposite. In case, Young Ju’s family had to live with her aunt, Gomo and uncle in America. They also had trouble with their family life especially the financial problem. Young Ju always had problems with her father and sometimes she felt depress and sentimental. For example, Young Ju wanted to go to play with Amanda but Apa seriously disagreed with Young Ju to hang out with Amanda. He didn’t like Amanda just because she was an American. He thought that all American teenagers were BAD. Young Ju tried to explain to him that Amanda was not a bad girl as he thought. Before she finished her sentences, Apa slapped on her face. She felt depressed and thought that why her father didn’t open up his mind. This point shows exactly what happens in real family life.

The reason I become this book BIG fan was because my English teacher. I was reading this book during class time with my classmates. I didn’t choose this book by myself but my English teacher did. One reason I likes this book was imagery, An Na told her story through a series of imagery to help us create the little pictures. The another reason was the plot. The story is SUPERDUPER exciting to continue on reading because it has many conflicts about Young Ju’s life and her family. I think I like this book. It’s stress book but I can handle this. The imagery of An Na was so gorgeous. She always used the powerful simile, metaphor, personification, and onomatopoeia. And I think THAT IS THE POINT of this book which makes it more interesting.

Whatever, I think this book is amazing. It also earns more than 10 awards. You can see that not only me who thinks that this book is wonderful, but more than one million of people also think the same as I do. This book is very valuable than you think. Young Ju has a huge problem in her life and she can pass through it. This book is very gorgeous on imagery I really LOVE this and the plot is soooooo exciting to read. Over all it was a great book to learn both a little Korean and about how hard it is to immigrate or move to a different place. Go to the bookstore NOW and check this book before it sold out.

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