A Step from Heaven by Anna

February 27, 2012
By Anonymous

“A Step from Heaven” was written by Anna. This book won a lot of awards in America for example, in 2001, it got top 10 Youth First Novel award. This is a valuable book for me. The story teaches me that “There is no heaven on earth, so I have to be strong enough to live by myself”.

Young Ju is a Korean girl who immigrates to America with her poor family. Her father is a fisherman in Korean. One day her parents decide to move to America for a better life. When they arrive America, everything are going in the opposite way. Her father always does domestic violence over and over again. Her mother has to afford with her father’s violence. Young Ju sees all the violence that her father does with her mother. Joon Ho who is Young Ju brother always skips the school. How long does her mother have to bear with her father? How does each character feel? What will happen in their life? You can find these answers in “A Step From Heaven”.

Throughout the story, It contains all kinds of feeling. Anna is the brilliant writer. She makes me understand the messages that she tries to send to me easily. She makes me can imagine the picture in my mind easily. Every single sentence composes with the feeling and imagery. For example, Young Ju says, “ I am a sea bubble, floating, floating in a dream. Bhop.” This sentence is the most powerful imagery for me. It makes me can perceive what Anna means.

As I said that the lesson from the book is “There is no heaven on earth, so I have to be strong enough to live by myself”. This lesson can relate to everybody in the world. Especially for my dad, he always worries about me because he thinks I’m too innocent for this “yin and yang” world. He always tells me, “You have to be brave and strong to survive in this cruel world, otherwise you will get into the trouble my little girl.” I believe in this lesson and I will let it be my motto. I hope you guys get the same feeling, and some lesson from this marvelous book likes me.

This book will give you all tastes of the life! How stunning is it? Let’s buy it now!

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