The Hunger Games by Suzane Collins

February 24, 2012
By wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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The Hunger Games was by far the most thought out book I ever read. Suzanne Collins has a tremendous imagination. I mean, who thinks of America perishing and children fighting to the death like that.

The Hunger Games is about is about a girl named Katniss who lives in a country called Panem. Panem is where North America used to be before the horrible natural disasters and wars. .0Now Panem is about half the size that North America used to be. It is divided in to 12 districts. Every year there is an event called “Hunger Games” where one boy and one girl from each district have to go into an arena and fight to the death. On reaping day, Katniss volunteered as tribute because her sister’s name got drawn out of the big glass bowl, and so did a boy named Peeta. They are taken to a train which takes them to the Capitol and they also train for the Hunger Games at Capital. The capital is the richest part of Panem, they are the ones that force the laws of the hunger games and they also force the people to celebrate it. In the capital they have to train and the Gamemakers give them rankings at the end of training. When it is katniss’s turn they don’t pay attention to her so she gets mad and shoots and arrow at the apple right by the gamemakers. She thought that she would get a 1or a 2 for what she did but she got the highest score frome everyone 11 out of 12 .When they get into the arena Peeta and Katniss have to pretend that they have fallen in love with each other to get more sponsors. Sponsors are wealthy people that help whoever they think are good tributes and who they are sponsoring. Such as if one of them got injured there sponsors MIGHT send them some medicine. But it is very expensive to send objects into the arena.

In the beginning the book is somewhat confusing, but when you continue reading you will not want to put it down because of how much suspense there is in it and how exciting it. Once you read the Hunger Games you have to read the second and third book of the trilogy. And if you like that series then you might like the book, Divergent, by Veronica Roth. And if you still have doubts that this book is amazing than let me ask you this. Why did that single book win the #1New York bestseller, #1 USA today bestseller, Wall street journal bestseller, Publisher weekly bestseller. etc. I could go on but I am too lazy too and I think you get the idea by now. Will she survive? Will she win? Read it to find out!

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