Num8ers by Rachel Ward

February 24, 2012
Num8ers by Rachel Ward
What if you could see the dates of people’s death? Jem can, and dosen’t want to, she finally understood the numbers the day her mother died from an overdose of heroin. She then understands the numbers as death dates. Jem doesn’t feel loved because she dosen’t know if the overdose was an accident.
Until she meets Spider a teen with a good heart, but since he needs a job and money he is forced to sell drugs. They start hanging out as good friends, until they are running away from the police because they are being framed for a terrorist attack. Val, Spider’s grandmother helps by packing food and clothes for them.
On the way to Weston (the place their going) they encounter many problems like Spider almost drowning and Jem revives him she slowly realizes she loves Spider. Jem now wonders if Spider would make a good father, and slowly get to know each other they bond a strong relationship between them. Jem wonders if she might be able to change the numbers because she dosen’t want spider to die. I really like the book and think it’s outstanding and think so because the book has suspense, while also having adventure and love. The book can also at times be sad.
The book also made me realize I should enjoy my family and friends as much as I can. Jem is being interviewed in a chapel when she thought if you can’t see the numbers then they wouldn’t exist. Jem realizes since she is the only one who can see them, she can make them disappear. I would really only recommend this book to 6th graders and higher, for language and parts for older people. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5.
The next book is called Num8ers: The Cha0s and the book is about a boy named Adam who is the son of Jem and can see the numbers too. But with the special ability to feel or preview their deaths. So he’s like a two in one special. And I hope you like this book, so you read the second awesome book.

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