holes by louis sachar

February 24, 2012
Holes tell about a hilarious, sarcastic story of a boy named Stanley yelnats who has a curse put on him but, also who got blamed for stealing a pair of shoes from a care center and either has the chance to go to jail or get sent to boot camp (he chose boot camp). While he is at boot camp Stanley has to learn his lesson by being forced to dig holes (the holes have to be 5 feet wide and 5 feet long.) while he is digging his holes he tries to escape, will he or will he not?

My opinion on the book is that it is and engrossing book once you start reading the book you can’t put it down, I love the sarcasm in it and the hilarious nick names they have. My favorite part of the book is when Stanley steals the car and leaves to find his best friend but then he doesn’t know how to drive so he hits the car into a ditch and finds that there’s a whole bunch of reptiles in there so he has to walk miles and miles to find his friend.

This book is for teens, young adults, and mature readers who love sarcasm and funny stories. I am comparing this book holes and gold rush the TV show together because they both dig holes to find gold or treasure. I think that this book is an awesome book and a just right book because I love to be sarcastic and the book is sarcastic, this book is hilarious and I am funny. out of five stars I would choose a five.

In 1998 Louis sachar won the national book award for children literature and won another award in 1999 he won the Newbery award. When you read this book the author is always trying to tell you a message and in this book the message is that you should never do something bad or dangerous that can get you in trouble because you will get punished. The conflict in this book is character vs. character because someone stole those shoes and threw them at him while he was walking and now he has to take the blame for it even if he didn’t do it (the boy who stole the pair of shoes got caught and sent to the same boot camp as Stanley). The setting in this book is at a dried up lake called Camp green lake (Camp green lake is deserted). In this book Stanley has his supporting friends Zero, X-ray, Squid, Magnet, Armpit, Zigzag, (soon a new boy joined him they called him twitch because he twitches a lot) and warden all these people help him and support him. All the character names are funny but weird. Madam Zeroni is the one who runs the camp and she is really mean and when she paints her nails she uses snake venom and she can be really evil, Stanley must watch out because he never know what might happen.

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mrs. lee said...
Mar. 3, 2012 at 3:15 am
great review!
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