Torn Thread by Anne Isaacs

February 24, 2012
A true story about a12 year old girl & her older sister clinging to life during the holocaust
When Eva’s older sister Rachel gets taken away by the Germans Eva’s dad decides to send Eva with her. This breath taking story gives you an idea of how life was during war &how much it really takes to survive .Eva and Rachel went through times where they were really close to losing each other .later on at labor camp a few of the girls were talking Eva into escaping with them Eva rejected there offer and decided to stay at labor camp. Now the thoughts going through Eva’s head is what had happened to them & if it was worth rejecting there offer. Towards the end when the Germans lost the battle. The Russians had come to help with food & lots more.
It really show much people cared about them. This book is really different from many other books because of the auther. It is a true story that really happened to her. I felt like this book was really worth being read the second time torn thread became one of my favorite books. It really makes want to read on & wish it would never end. I recommend torn thread to those who love a story full of courage& love to one another.

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