Dive:the discovery by gordan korman

February 24, 2012
By , everett, WA
Dive is a book about these four teenagers that risk their lives and are about to make a big discovery. About almost every two chapters it talks about a boy from the past. About a young boy named Samuel who’s been taken on a journey to the new world. A risky journey, but most of the crew dies by their captain James blade.
Me, I thought it was going to be a great book at first because it had a great summary. Later on, it started to get dull.
James blade was a really cruel man. If anyone had ever said a thing to him or said anything mean to him or even disobeyed him, they would get hit by James blade with his bone handled, jewel tipped whip. Samuel was lucky he had survived the long trip.
At some point, the book finally starts to get interesting when Star feels like she ran out of air as she was going to retrieve the bullets!
After that, the photographer went looking for treasure and thought he had seen something shiny in the water. He went to take a look and found out that it was just a soda can. Just as he was about to going back to the surface he saw an amazing fish. He started moving closer and closer until Star came and stopped him.
The other two divers came and asked about what had happened. They took a look at kaz and saw that he looked like he was hurt. A while after that, they had a shark chasing after them and they almost got killed. I would make the book better by making it a little bit longer, and be a little more interesting. I would recommend this book for fifth graders.

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