the leaning dog by a.k.nuzom

February 24, 2012
By wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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If you like a heart racing story you should read The Leaning Dog, it a very good realistic fiction book to read… the book is about a girl name Dessa Dean she lives in a log like cabin she calls home one day it was freezing and cold and snowing outside, and when she look outside there was a big brown dog.

When she was doing her chores that when she noticed the dog she stopped doing her chores just to go and see if the dog would like to come in but when she open the door the dog was gone she was trying to call the dog back to the house. However, the dog would not come back so she tried to go outside but when she did, she slipped on a piece of ice, and got a big huge cut on her knee.

When her father came home he ask, “Dessa Dean what happen to your leg?” “Well daddy I was doing my chores and then when I look outside I saw a big brown dog out there and”. I went out to go and see if the dog was hurt but when I open the door the dog was gone so I yelled and then I was going to go and walk around and find the dog but when I got out there I fell down and cut my leg on a big piece of ice so that how I got that big cut on my leg. Okay Dessa Dean no more messing with the dog okay? Okay daddy I will go back to my chores okay thank you Dessa dean your welcome Dessa dean.
But after the couple of day she was having day dreams and her father saw her crying and so one day her father came up to her and ask if she would like to go hunting with him but she said no thank you daddy okay… A couple of day gone by and she always been sad but till one day he said okay Dessa dean I would let the dog come back but if it only come back is that a ok? Oh, thank you daddy! I recommend this book to kids that like to read about dogs and the past. However, if you want to see if the dog come back? You will have to read the book and find out… I love to read the book the leaning dog because I love to read about dog and how the past was and how it is different from are book today. I also like to read about how you will never want to step outside you cabin or your house whatever you called it when it is snowing outside because if you do you can fall and cut your knee or something..

The author's comments:
the book is good to read when u want somthign where when you get into the book you can't put it down!

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