were the red fern grows by wilson rawls

February 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Were the red fern grows

Billy is a boy that lives on a farm in Ozark Mountain. He always wished for two hounds not any ordinary hounds some coon hounds. He always wanted to be a hunter a coon hunter short for raccoon hunter. His dad gets him two metal traps. He did chores and trapped some coons. He skinned the coon fur and sold it at his grandpa’s shop. In the summer, he ends ups not telling his parents about the whole thing. He told his grandpa though and left to the city. He got the hounds and still had money left. Therefore, the rest of the money went to clothes for his mom he got a dress for his dad he bought a hat and for his two sisters some candy. When he was coming back he had to camp in the mountains. He made a fire and went to sleep He woke up I suddenly he heard a mountain lion. He remembered what his dad said, “mountain lions are scared of fire. Therefore, he made the fire bigger and went to sleep. When he came home, his mom was freaked out. After hunting for like a year he goes pro and gets into championship. Read the book to see if he won the championship or if he lost.
My opinion on this book is this book is about 250 pages. It is hard to put down. Not hard to read, sad at the end.
My favorite part is when he treed his very first coon with his hounds because it really existed .he treed it in a huge tree that took him more than a day to chop down.
I would recommend this book to people that really like dog stories because the book is pretty much all about bill’s dogs hunting for raccoons and getting in the championship

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