war horse by michael morpurgo

February 24, 2012
By Anonymous

Wow, what would you feel like if you had a favorite pet like a dog and it had to get taken away from you? That’s what happens to Albert when his when his horse goes far away.

The book starts of slow but then gets into a lot of action. They finally get the crops then the next day comes in and washes all the crops away.

It was a great book it has many interesting things that you might like. If you like, history it also tells many interesting things that you might like. If you like, history it also tells many good things about World War 1. My favorite part of the book was when the dad went to sell the horse for money. That is what he thought he needed to do, but all he really needed to do was grow more crops. You do not need to do things that your temper makes you do. All I would have done was grow more crops, to pay the property owner. There is no reason to get money you think you need.

I have read many books but this is one of the best books I read. It was fun it has many interesting things. After the book, I went to see the movie. I would recommend that you read the book then go to see the movie just in case you missed a part of the book.

The characters are Albert and Joey (the horse) is the main characters. Joey is very brave he has pulled have artillery and has survived barbwire, a very tough horse. I saw the movie but I like the book a little bit better.

This book has won the runner up for the White Bread Award. I would give these book 5 stars. I would recommend this book to people who like history book because it has a lot of history in it.

The author's comments:
the book was really good and so was the movie.

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