big nate on a role by lincoln pierce

February 24, 2012
By wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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New York bestselling author Lincoln Pierce the author of big Nate. (He has three books in the series.)
Big Nate is a quick read. So do not judge it by it size because it is a thick book. Big Nate is kind of like Diary of a wimpy kid it is even funnier than that series. Big Nate is about 12 years old and he is allows getting in trouble. One day he has detention because Arthur got him there when he was dripping paint in his eyes and made him run in to the ladder he was climbing on, and that made him fall which is why he is late for his timber scout meeting and they get a new kid in the pack named Arthur his arch enemy. Arthur and he is the perfect kid, they are having a fundraiser and he want to beat Arthur because he always gets first in everything he does and because the top prize is a scat board, and he lost his board when trying to get to the timber scout meeting.
Next, Because Arthur is so perfect. So Nate has an idea to sell comics to make money and that does not work. Next, he does odd jobs to make money and bye the wall hangings from himself to beet Arthur and win the skateboard. Later but he brakes a gnome in one of the odd jobs and is not paid the money. In addition, when he was walking home his friend that works at the comic shop shows him a paper of valuable comics. And one of the ones he bought at a garage sale and he goes home and finds it and on the paper it says that it could be worth anything under 10,000or 10,00 dollars but if you won’t to find out how much he gets for the comic and who wins read the book .
I think that this book is for 8-12 year old kids
I would give this book

5 stars

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