A Step From Heaven

February 28, 2012
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An Na brings you into a very violent and sorrowful side of the world which lots of people might haven’t seen it before. The story runs by a main character called Young Ju. A Step From Heaven is a marvelous book with lots of great imagery devices that will create pictures in your mind while you are reading it.

Young Ju was a 100% Korean girl in a Korean family that immigrated to America when she was young. Her family went through a lot of harsh problems which made her father changed to a different person. This book lets us think that is America is a good place for immigrant or not? According to the research more than 1.2 million legal and illegal immigrants combined now settle in the United States each year. Have you ever wondered about how their life would be like?

At the beginning when I skinned through the book I was like “Hey wait? No picture at all? Come On! This is such a boring book!” But then after I went through this book with my classmate with intention I found out that this book acts like a song. It contains feelings which other books may not be able to do it. For example, when Young Ju was hit by her father a sad melodies came up into my mind! It also contains lots of Korean words that give you Korean feelings. Such as “Appa.” Which means father. This technique that Anna used made me feels like I’m in Korea. It will make the readers feel the Koreaness. It would had been damn boring if the writer just had used the word father instead.

I like this book because it is good for English learners. It contains many great verbs and very beautiful literary devices. I felt like I was running through that rough adventure with her. I’m a lazy person who doesn’t really like to read books. However, those elegant literary devices grabbed my attentions well because I could really feel it. Such as “A salty tear runs into my lip. How do you feel when you read this sentence? You can feel the salty tear right? Wow! It’s like you are running in a dream all the time you are reading. Pictures pop-up in your head all the time. How amazing?

Read this book guys! I’m sure that it will impress you like it did to me. Check it out!

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