Maximum Ride: Saving the World by James Patterson

February 23, 2012
By Anonymous

This is my favorite book and when you read it you’ll love it. The book is by James Patterson and you will be inspired by what happens in the book. If I were you I would read it.
I would prefer this book for the age 10 – up
I think the readers will be inspired to read this book if you like an action, adventure, and a little bit of romance.
Max try’s to stop Itex from creating flyboys to destroy them and the world. But when max invites a bad guy Ahri to max’s group. A part of the flock left because they didn‘t trust Ahri after he tried killing them a million times. Even though this time he saved the flock from dying. Max does not feel whole without the entire flock.
The best part of the book is when the romance comes up because it’s really funny, you’ll love it! But you should read the first book which is called Maximum ride the angel experiment oh and by the way it’s a series too. The books are super heart breaking especially the book fang.
Rating: *****
When I was reading this book I stayed up all night and I’m not joking it’s that good I couldn’t even put the book down.

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