The ruins of glorian by John Flanagan

February 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Will is a good warrior, but he’s too small to go to battle school. But then the ranger Halt comes up to the baron and gives him a scroll and will is very desperate to find out what the scroll says, so when Will goes out in the middle of the night to find out what the scroll says he gets caught by Halt but Halt was just testing him and gives Will the scroll. After Will reads it he is shocked to find out the Halt wanted to be his mentor, and he says yes to Halt. In addition, he will have to deal with one of his worst enemy but they might just end up being friends. Moreover, he and his enemy will soon have to work together to kill a wild boar. Soon will learn the ranger’s way, and their skills, and soon he will be in a fight for his life and to save his mentor and friends. In addition, later he will make a decision you do not wannna miss.

This book was very exciting for me because it had all the genres I love and enjoy, also it was like the lord of the rings and I really enjoy that series too. This was a great book because this book was not too long and it was not too short it was just perfect it was only about 250 pages. In addition this book was not really focused on a bunch of characters, instead it really only focused on three characters. In addition, the story keeps on continuing it does not just stop. These characters were important because they really make up a story they make the plot really come to them.
Will is one of the main and important characters and he is a special one Halt his mentor is a very good mentor so I will tell you about both of this main and important characters. Will is a very impatience boy he tries to rush things too much, like if Halt shows him a weapon he will try to learn it right away and he will get mad and frustrated if he cannot get it in the first try. Another thing about Will is that he asks too much questions, but that is what makes him an amazing ranger’s apprentice. Halt on the other hand is nothing compared to Will, he is patient and he will only do things when the time is right. He will also do anything and I mean anything to defend his apprentice, his friends, and his most precious one the kingdom.
I thought this book was similar and different from movies and TV show. One reason I thought this book was similar is because this book keeps the story going on, and a lot of TV shows and movies do that to. And one thing that I thought that is different is that some movies and TV shows the plot end in like the third or fourth show, but for this book it keeps on going like if the problem in one book has ended there is a twist and then out of nowhere a new enemy or plot has come out.
I would recommend this book to book to people who enjoy a great adventure and action book. Another reason why I would tell you to read it is that if you are looking for a good chapter book that is not to short and not too long, you should really pick up this book and read it. In addition, one more recommend I would give out to be if you enjoyed The Lord of the Rings series, you would probably love this book too.
Therefore, if you are looking for a great chapter book pick up the Ruins of Glorian by John Flanagan this is the first book in this amazing series.

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