Dave Pelzer Series(a child called it) by Dave Pelzer

February 23, 2012
By wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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Dave Pelzer Series

Dave, a young child gets severely abused by his alcoholic mother, then as he grows up he has to find ways of escaping his mothers grasp, foster home, and other obstacles that come up in his life. This series will hook you on to finding out what happens in Dave Pelzer's amazing autobiography.

In the first book, “a Child Called “it”; Dave's alcoholic mother dreadfully abuses Dave. He has to find ways to survive his mothers “games” in which she entertains herself. Dave is renamed “it” and for an excuse of her shocking actions, his mother tells the police and school teachers (that try to save Dave) that he is being a “bad boy”. Dave Pelzer leaves you hanging at the end of this book. My personal rating is 5/5.

The amazing sequel, “The Lost Boy”, starts out with a recap of the previous book. As Dave begins to get the feel of a normal child's life, his mother is still on the run to ruin his life. Finally, Dave is ripped away from his mother. As he becomes a teenager, He starts to understand that he is a normal child, and deserves to live like one. Rating: 5/5

The Final book, “A man Named Dave”, explains Dave's adult life. Even though he is an adult, his mother is still making constant problems in his life. As Dave finds a job, he begins to feel like he is important. But, the obstacles in his life start getting even larger. With his father dead, he is no longer a member of the family, even his baby brother, Kevin does not know about Dave. Although this book sometimes gets boring, I still give it a 4/5.

This series I recommend to curios teenagers, since nearly half of this series is about childhood. When I read this series, sometimes I got depressed or sad, then at other times Cheerul. I got inspired by Dave Pelzer's amazing theme; “no matter hard it is, never quit”. I give these series a 4/5. Read on!

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