The Three Vests by Robert Bowman

February 23, 2012
By , everett, WA
Amazing! One of the many great things I can say about the three vests the new brilliants, this book is one of the few books I have ever read that I did not ever want to put down! This book is an action packed fantasy full powers, fun and many cliffhangers that lead into the next book this book was recommended to me surprisingly by my math teacher who loved this series as well.

This book is about three 13-year-old kids named George, Juan, and Samantha who go into a cave on Sunday afternoon and find a suspicious chest in a cave near their houses in eastern Washington. There is nothing in the chest, although a blinding light comes out and gives the three of them different powers that they need to figure out how to control in order to defeat the shadows, in which they have not met but will soon. They will have to overcome many obstacles and many lives will be lost in order to save the world.
I recommend this book to pre-teens and teens that like a good fantasy, adventure book or somewhere in-between. If I were to rate this book it would be a solid five out of five for its mixture of two great genres and many funny spins on the story.

Robert Bowman goes on to write two more books then another that will set the stage for the fourth three vests book. Robert Bowman’s word choice and writing is superb he does not have too many books but I do not understand why because of his extreme skill of writing and love for it as well.

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