Diary of a wimpy kid by Jeff kidny

February 23, 2012
By , everett, WA
Diary of a wimpy kid review
If you want to know how it truly feels to be in middle school than read Diary of a wimpy kid. Greg Heffley is a wimpy kid who tries to become popular at school but at the same time survive middle school with his best friend Rowly, they will face bullies, teens who try to run them over with cars and kids who try to get them in big trouble.
While Greg is trying to become popular his friend Rowly is getting all the fame and isn’t trying anything, and school isn’t the only problem, he has a brother who plays embarrassing tricks on him that make people think he’s crazy. Also a little brother who tries to embarrass him with a nicname bubby and he has to keep it a secret from school and his friends, also a mother who bought her own son a diary to write during school he write in it all the time but in secret if any one finds out about it he will be the laughing stock of school, and last a father who won’t let him have fun only on a friend’s house in secret and his friend has fun in a strange way that any one will get annoyed by very fast. Greg doesn’t have a fun life but an exciting life join him now to face middle school.
This great book was made in to a movie all though it’s not good as the book, while reading this I wanted more and when it was over I was sad there was no more but luckily there are sequels this book also got best book of the year and it deserves it, this book is clever, funny, entertaining, if you hate books than you will love this guaranteed.

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