Dragonfly by Julia Golding

February 23, 2012
By wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
wolverines PLATINUM, Everett, Washington
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By: Julia Golding
Genre: Fantasy/ Action/ Romance

Exceptional! Five stars! This book is the perfect mix of adventure and romance. You may not know it yet but this book will have won your heart by the end! If you had to do nothing but sit in a chair and hide all of your feelings your entire life and you got the chance to go marry a man you’ve never met that’s across the ocean, how would you react?

Tashi, a young Blue Crescent Island girl, the fourth crown princess is chosen to marry the seemingly ruthless prince Ramil, for an alliance with the Blue Crescent Navy. As they meet he is offending her more than expected. First the crumpled dragonfly, then insulting her and finally letting her get kidnapped by… clowns? But this is no clown act, this is the amazing disappearing act, but done by who? And who dare kidnap the prince of Gerfal in Gerfal? This couple will have to find a way to get along. They escape only to be caught again by an evil mastermind, but this time escaping won’t be so easy!

This electrifying novel is a great book for tweens who love a good action-packed romance novel. Dragonfly will keep your hands on the book and your eyes on the page. You will feel like you’re running around the Known World with the author Julia Golding and the rest of the crew!

I think that the author Julia Golding wanted you to learn that, you should never let your mind get in the way of your heart! But then again I’m a kid! I loved this book and I’m sure you will love it too!

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