Bang by Norah McClintock

February 14, 2008
By abbegail cearlock-harrison, Everett, WA

A robbery goes terribly wrong, and Quinton finds he is left taking the blame. My purpose of writing bang by: Norah McClintock to boys and girls. It’s a sorry and sad book that makes you mad and sad at the same time. I can also compare this book to a book series. They all are extremely sad and tells you to not turn down your friends and to not lie. There is also a theme that’s to trust in your self and do not lie and think about what’s going to happen. Anyone who likes sadness and murder, stealing and also a great mystery. I really liked this book and I think many others will like too. This book is a mystery and gives lots of questions and answers them at the end of the book.

Just to let you know JD lies, through out the book and does bad things like carrying guns and swears and then mean the rest. Quinton is a great friend and he steals food, drugs sometimes.

One thing JD and Quinton do every morning they ride there bikes together. One day they where riding far to where no one saw them. They rode away because they wanted to use marijuana. Later they to the park and these to little kids came to play. JD and Quinton where on the swings and these two kids say they wanted to swing and JD starts yelling and saying “NO” the two kids start to cry. Then ran off because JD hurt there feelings then ran off. Out of nowhere this guy appears and says, “I can call the cops on you if you don’t leave,” Quinton says why and the guy says well I can smell the marijuana off you so leave JD starts yelling and talking back and then Quinton “ let’s get out of here”. So until another day they where doing the same thing. Rode off to use marijuana and they get hungry then they see those food store trucks and they rode down the big long alley where it was and the door was open. So they grabbed some food and ran. Then the guy who owned the truck ran after them he caught us both they both struggled free but JD broke free and Quinton was still tightly grabbed in the guy’s hand. Then JD ran back to the bikes took a few steps forward and grabbed the GUN from his back pocket then “BANG” he’s dead.

Know Quinton is left with all the blame tells JD gets caught.

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