Unwind by Neal Shusterman

February 15, 2012
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Unwind Book Review
Neal Shusterman

I like this book because there are some parts that were really interesting. The book Unwind is filled with suspense that makes you very interested in reading. I also liked that the author didn’t strengthen the suspense too much so that you’re compelled to read further.

I would recommend this book to my dad because it would be really interesting to read. It also teaches about teen life in the book. I wouldn’t recommend this book to my mom because the book has quite a lot of profanity in it. For example, sometimes the characters say some choice words in the book.

What I learned about life in the novel is that some people run away to get away from a certain thing. For example, Connor ran away from home when he noticed that he was getting unwound. I also learned that some people lose wars which causes bad things to happen. An example of this is the Heartland War which was lost and caused the whole unwinding thing.

When I peeked near the end of the story I noticed that some people sacrificed their lives to save others. This was when I read the part when Blaine and some other two people changed themselves into clappers then blew themselves up. Blaine blew up the Chop Shop and one of the guards with him. I think this book will be good for next year’s readers because it is really quite an experience to read it.

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