February 13, 2012
By Anonymous

After reading the book Unwind by Neal Shusterman I learned many things, but one of the biggest things this book taught me was to learn the true value of life and to learn to value life better. How would you feel after you found out your getting unwound? Wouldn’t you regret not valuing life more? What would you do?

Many teens in the story Unwind are getting unwound without a choice. Kids who just begin to live their dream are being told they are getting unwound and there is nothing they can do to change that. Risa a character from the story finds out she’s getting unwound. She promises them she can do something else or change what ever she’s doing wrong to not be unwound but there is no going back now. We have choices and sometimes we just say what ever and not care about what the outcome might be

Humans make mistakes we all know that. The good thing is we get to learn from our mistakes and that helps use not do the same thing again. Thats something we need to appreciate because in Unwind Conner finds out he is getting unwound and nothing he can do will change that. He isn’t going to get a chance to learn from his mistakes much less to fix them.

We need to value our life and learn to appreciate what we have. Don’t do things your going to regret later. Such as being a bad person doing bad things. Look at Roland he did many bad things to affect other’s. Roland tried to physically abuse Risa just to make Conner mad. At the end of the story he regrets everything he did. He realizes that he could have spent his life doing other things other then bullying other people.

Learn to appreciate your life because you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow. Life can change in a matter of hours. Value the chance you have to fix your mistakes.

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