February 13, 2012
By Anonymous

In a world when unwinding is legal there would be a lot of cruel people. There will be people willing to give up their own family, There will be friends willing to tell on other friends, and there will be family's that care more about other things then their own family.

In the story there was a boy named Connor who's family wanted to unwind him because he was an out of control child. Although he was a bad boy he still didn't like the fact that he was going to be unwound. In the book he said “ He still couldn't believe that his life is being stolen from him at the age of sixteen. The people that were cruel to him were his parents. I don't think any parent should give up their own child just because they were being bad. To me there is other choices then to have your child unwound.

There was another boy In the book named Lev who was tithing his body. He was okay with the decision at first but now he doesn't want to be tithed. Lev really doesn't like his parents for that decision. In the book lev said “... They love God more then they love me, and I hate them for it.” I feel that if I was parent I wouldn't have my child especially if the boy wasn't a bad boy. I feel that everyone should have a chance to live.

When Connor and Risa was in the bathroom and lev snuck and told a teacher these exact words, “... I've been kidnapped by too Unwinds.” I was a little at the fact that lev did that because Connor and Risa tried to save his life and he try's to go and get them unwind that to me made me dislike Lev a lot more.

When Connor was trapped in the crate with four boy's he meet a boy named Emby. His parents died and he was sent to live with his aunt. The boys all talked about why they were getting unwound and Emby said “ The thing is, my mom left me some money, but my aunt got three kids of her own to put through college, so...” To me that was really cruel. Even though the aunt did' have any money she could have worked out something.

To me the story was a really sad. I don't think people should be that cruel to their children, friends, and nephews. Even though they were bad no one deserves to dies over it. I don't care what they did every life is precious and anyone can change and you never know they may grow up and become someone very important.

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