Unwind by Neal Shusterman

February 13, 2012
By SwagDaddy BRONZE, Ypsilanti Mi 48197, Michigan
SwagDaddy BRONZE, Ypsilanti Mi 48197, Michigan
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Unwind Final Copy

The book Unwind by Neal Shusterman is about three kids that are getting unwound, and if you get unwound that’s because you didn’t meet your parents expectations. So they make you go to a place called “Harvest Camp” and you’re a patient to where if someone needs a body part like a hand, then they’ll remove or cut your hand off and other body parts to those who need them. Also, abortion is illegal so if you get pregnant you must have the baby. So the three kids run away so they don’t end up being unwound.

I think that the rules they have in this book are unfair because the kids are allowed to live life until 13-18 and if their parents don’t think they’re perfect in their eyes they sign them up to be unwound. I also think the rule is not so bright because the parents are letting their child live to a certain age then decide to basically kill them. I think that because why would you just decide to kill your child if they’re not perfect in your eyes?

While reading this amazing book and while my teacher Mr. Sowder was talking I learned that life is valuable and great. I learned by reading the book because some of the kids in it took life like it was a joke. Life is so precious and a lot of amazing things could happen, so people shouldn’t treat it like its bad or anything. Also while my teacher Mr. Sowder was talking to us during class and it made me think, Life truly is valuable so don’t take it for granted.

My points are that you can learn about life from reading mostly any type of book, and learn that life is so precious with miracles. Neal Shusterman is a real creative author that can combine real life lessons with science fiction. If you like reading interesting books that has you all hyped up waiting to read what happens next then I would really recommend this book for you.

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