Unwind by Neal Shusterman

February 13, 2012
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I believe that this book was very well played out. Neal Shusterman the author of Unwind used lots of detailed information. Seeing that the kids have no choice if they want to be unwound or not between ages of 13-18. In the book the kids go through many things. But one of the biggest things would have to be learning to care for others. Also they learn appreciate what others do for you.

One of the thing’s I learned is to appreciate who you have in life. Because sometimes people will plan something and turn their back on you. For example when Connor planned to run away he asked Ariana to come with. At the beginning she said it was a good idea, but when it came to him coming to get her to run away, she didn’t go with. When Connor said, “I’m about to be unwound, in case you forgot.” Ariana said, “ I know. But I’m not.” It was pretty deep because she was showing that since it didn’t involve her, or her life, she wasn’t going to help Connor.

Another thing that I learned is sometimes you have to not care what people are trying to do. Like if someone’s trying to get under your skin sometimes you have to ignore it. If you react the way they want they’ll try to fight. For example when Connor walked into the bathroom and saw what Roland was doing to Risa he didn’t react the way Roland wanted him to. He walked in made sure she was ok and said, “Mind if I wash up for a dinner?” He pretended not to care because he knew what Roland wanted him to do.

Lastly I learned to appreciate what others do for you and the choices they make in tough situations. For example, Connor could have reacted the way Roland wanted him to, but then it would have caused a bigger problem. Then most likely use Risa when ever he wanted to mess with Connor, but he didn’t give him that reaction. So Risa later on appreciated what Connor did for her. Another example would be when the teacher found the kids. She told another teacher, “I’m taking care of it,” and didn’t rat them out, when she could have had the other teacher help turn them in and not take a chance of loosing her job. But she made a choice to risk her job and then

Over all I thought the book was really interesting. The author used good details and made students think about the book and real life. In a way it made me realize that some teens go through the same situations. For me it made me realize that you have to appreciate who and what you have in life.

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