The Last Apprentice by Joseph Delaney

February 8, 2012
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The last Apprentice

If you like witches, ghosts, boggarts, and even more scary, dark, and creepy creatures, then you'll love this amazing good fantasy book almost as much as I did. The author made The Last Apprentice feel like you are right beside Tom. A strong hearted, intelligent, and skilled spook‘s apprentice because it talks about his constant struggles and personal thoughts like when he‘s scared or worried which sometimes makes me scared or worried. It'll make you read this amazingly fantastic book over and over again like I did. Also, intriguing characters the author created like Tom and Gregory, the spook, a wise and tough master, made this book full of twists and turns you wouldn't have expected. For example when Gregory gets caught and goes to prison. So when the author's writing style glues you to the book, remember who suggested it for you.

Tom Ward, the spook's apprentice, and Gregory, the spook, fight the dark like witches and ghosts and other monsters that even made me scared. They must go to Priestown to fight the Bane, a shape-shifting, manipulative, past god, spirit trapped underground with only a silver gate keeping it in. Silver burns its skin and hurts it very bad, so it manipulates the weak to give it blood so it can gain strength. Once it has enough strength, it'll break the gate and wreak havoc upon the town folk and only Tom and Gregory can stop it. Also the quisitor arrives killing anyone or thing that has to do with the dark, including Tom. That's not all, Tom is forced to make tough and life changing decisions that help him grow like when he talks to a priest. Read the book to find out more and more about the priest.

This suspenseful book will have you out of your seat like it had me out of mine. If you like action and fantasy then look no further because this is the book for you. Even if you don't like action or fantasy I still suggest you read this book. I never thought I'd like this book because I wasn't much of a fantasy person, but this book changed my mind and here I am now telling you to read it as my brother told me. It felt like Tom was writing his journal especially for me and just so I could flip the pages and enjoy every mouth watering part of it. I can relate to Tom's constant practice because I always have to practice at school and for hockey. I read another book that reminded me of this one just because of how the author wrote the story.

Also just like in this book, life sometimes gets hard and tough and even sometimes unfair and you just have to keep battling through it all like Tom and sometime I have to. The constant struggle was like icing on the cake and made this book just that more interesting like when “He seemed to struggle and kept positioning and repositioning the key.” Where is he? Why is he trying to open a door or could it have been the silver gate? What's going to happen next? Read this breath taking book and find out and most of all enjoy it.

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