The Conspiracy Club by Johnathan Kellerman

February 7, 2012
By Jordan Orrell BRONZE, North Oxford, Massachusetts
Jordan Orrell BRONZE, North Oxford, Massachusetts
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Spurred by a fellow hospital employee, Jeremy Carrier takes a murder investigation into his own hands to avenge the unsolved homicide of his girlfriend, Jocelyn Banks. A mix of romance, malevolence, suspense, and numerous mysteries, The Conspiracy Club by Jonathan Kellerman, keeps the readers on their toes and brings suspicion upon every character.

A dedicated, young psychologist was distracted by the recent death of his girlfriend. Three months into their relationship, Jocelyn was kidnapped and found four days later under a bridge in the city’s borderline district. Jocelyn was found strangled, slashed, and wedged behind an empty oil drum, the result of a “sexual psychopath”. Jeremy became besieged by this discovery; tormented with a life that now meant nothing to him, living in a stranger’s skin.
Six months later, a similar murder occurred to a forty-five year old streetwalker. The detective suspected Jeremy and informed him that the two crimes were similar in the “Humpty-Dumpty” fashion of their wounds. Around that same time, Jeremy met a young resident, Angela Rios, and developed their chemistry into a fresh, new relationship. Jeremy also became familiar with a fellow employee, Arthur Chess, from the pathology department who invited Jeremy to a social gathering. This CCC group consisted of five unique miscreants who spoke of many topics, revealing their intriguing experiences and knowledge.
Randomly, Arthur stopped showing up at the hospital, claiming that he was taking time off to travel. During this time, Jeremy received five anonymous envelopes consisting of articles about laser surgeries and a similar murder, as well as, the title of a Jewish book. Simultaneously, Jeremy was also receiving postcards from Arthur from each place he visited, all having the same written message. Could Arthur also be involved with the secret letters?
Following the news of another similar murder, Jeremy became obsessed with solving these homicides. He developed a curiosity towards the anonymous letters, how the CCC members fit together, and Arthur’s reasoning behind the postcards. Jeremy had a hunch about a hospital employee and became infatuated with stalking him. Can Jeremy’s hunch be a breakthrough? Will Jeremy be able to construe answers to his many problems, questions and mysteries that weave within the main conflict? Will Jeremy find solace in avenging his girlfriend’s murder?
Each and every clue kept my full attention throughout the entire mystery. Every character, together, developed an array of conflicts and obscurity that Jeremy contends with, growing into a game of cat and mouse. However, Jeremy isn’t the only participant who is playing the game. His job is to deduce the opponent creating the rules and determine who his ally is. Jeremy’s insight at the conclusion made the biggest impression on me, the way he can take matters into his own hands and perhaps win the game.

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