Gone : Book One by Michael Grant

February 7, 2012
By maja.murray BRONZE, Kelowna, Other
maja.murray BRONZE, Kelowna, Other
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In this extraordinary adventure book, two brave teenagers set off to find the deadly secret of why all of the adults in the city, mysteriously vanished into thin air. Throughout this book, the tremendous tension and amazing ending will leave you in awe.
In the blink of an eye, every parent and adult disappeared. The phones, Internet, TVs, and computers are gone as well. Where did it all go? Sam and Quinn are the first to discover the reason why it's all gone. They discover new powers within themselves, and some kids powers are unimaginable, dangerous, and deadly. Bullies are ruling the city. Animals are mutating. Sides are being chosen. What is going on? Read and find out!
This book was amazing to read, and I have never read anything like it! Michael Grant out the words together perfectly. This book was definitely thrilling to read!
I felt as if I was in the story, struggling to find the answers. My fingers were glued to the pages and with every turn of the page, it got more and more exciting. I recommend it to anyone who loves adventure and mystery books suck as 'The Hunger Games'.

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