Velocity by Dean Koontz

February 7, 2012
By Michelle Williams BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
Michelle Williams BRONZE, Oxford, Massachusetts
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Over the rolling hills and charming vineyards lies the peaceful wine country of Southern California. It was the early 21st century when the sleepy town of Vineyard Hills was in the process of being transformed with a touch to city life. Peerless Properties were underway of constructing a world-class resort along with a mechanical mural built by a well-known artist. The coming of a new attraction to the town stirred up the residents of Vineyard Hill as they bustled around with their scorning opinions and insights.
Billy Wiles, a local bartender, walked to his car one day after work where he discovered a typed message on his windshield. “If you don’t take this note to the police… I will kill a lovely blond schoolteacher… If you do… I will instead kill an elderly women active in charity work. You have six hours to decide. The choice is yours.” As the calm-minded person Billy is, he wonders if this is some sick joke until the next day when his friend Lanny Olsen tells approaches him with horrific news. Lanny explains to Billy that a blonde schoolteacher was found murdered. It was at this moment Billy Wiles no longer felt the note was a sick joke; it was a sign that he has been chosen to play in a murderous game.
After the killing of the schoolteacher Billy faces more notes, choices, and deadlines. Billy starts to fight between his better instincts on the decisions he will make. While struggling with the feeling of taking part in the murders, Billy must deal with a life of loneliness. His finance, Barbara, fell into a coma almost four years ago leaving him without security by his side through his difficult time of needs. There was nothing Billy could do to save the lives that were at risk by the “freak”. Once Billy felt threatened that his fiancé was in such danger he took greater action. Billy did not trust anyone and went about suspecting everyone in his life. As he got closer to the murderer he hit obstacles that brought out his murderous past. Billy had nowhere to go or run to. If he went to the police he would immediately be found guilty of the murders because the murderer had left evidence of Billy’s being at the crime scenes. It was coming to the end when he received his last note. “My last killing: midnight Thursday. Your suicide: soon thereafter.”
Dean Koontz’s Velocity brought me into a life of a man that was unfortunate enough to receive a life changing note. Koontz’s writing consisted of contrasting events with twists and turns page after page. This mind racing, excitingly terrifying novel will keep you reading until your eyes run off the pages. Velocity will break you into an understanding of how easily a life can be taken over beyond your control.

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