Gone by Lisa Gardner

February 7, 2012
By LindaTruong BRONZE, North Oxford, Massachusetts
LindaTruong BRONZE, North Oxford, Massachusetts
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The New York Times bestseller, Gone by Lisa Gardner introduces all the elements of a mystery including crime, suspense, alibi, danger, and fear. Pierce Quincy, a former FBI profiler, returns to solving crimes when he is notified that his estranged wife, Rainie Conner reported missing. The adventure begins for Quincy and a team of investigators to unravel the pieces to the puzzle as the clock ticks down. Will he succeed in finding Rainie or will it be too late? This action packed novel will leave the reader in complete shock from start to finish.
Sergeant Detective, Carlton Kincaid, received a call at two o’clock in the morning regarding an abandoned vehicle on the side of a rural road in Tillamook Country. Investigators discovered that the owner of the vehicle is Rainie Conner, a former FBI profiler. Rainie has reached a rough point in her life, but nothing as difficult as what she was going to face. Juggling an unstable relationship with Quincy and secretly using alcohol as an escape, Rainie finds herself in a nightmare with her fate in the hands of an unknown abductor. The story is framed around Rainie’s battle for survival physically and emotionally during captivity. This keen, intelligent woman serves as the main character along with her husband Pierce Quincy. Quincy, unaware of his wife’s past and secrets, must link up every piece of evidence connected to Rainie.
Although Pierce Quincy is known for solving numerous murders and cases, the abductor tests his abilities by demanding ten thousand dollars in cash for the return of his wife. As the novel progresses, a myriad of characters come alive and share their experience and thoughts throughout the mysterious case in efforts to save Rainie’s life. Risks are taken, clues are given, emotions are revealed, but is justice ultimately going to be served?
I indubitably recommend this work to any readers who appreciate a mysterious and suspenseful book. The author’s unpredictable and clever approach on a crime scene truly made the novel worth reading. Not only does Lisa Gardner provide action and suspense in her writing, but also the plot and characters are well portrayed and characterized. I certainly enjoyed reading this work of literature and found it fairly difficult to put the book down. Overall, Gardner did a great job including all the components of a mystery into the well-written novel Gone.

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