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February 7, 2012
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The murder mystery Too Late to Say Goodbye by Anne Rule takes place just before Christmas 2004 in Sugar Hill, Georgia. What most thought as a young and blissful couple, Bart and Jenn Corbin had two children, Dillon and Dalton. Yet Bart and Jenn lived a double life in which nobody would have suspected. Out in public, Bart was recognized for his dental practice while Jenn was a preschool teacher. At home it was a different story. Bart was always very manipulative of Jenn and the family, he was even considered a womanizer. Bart’s ways caused Jenn to move out with the children and soon separate from Bart, without people knowing.
One morning, Dalton Corbin found the corpse of his mother. He ran to the neighbor’s house for help. At first it appeared as a suicide, but later her death was linked to another dead woman, Dolly Hearn. Just fourteen years prior Dolly passed away after being involved with Bart Dalton. All of the circumstances surrounding Jenn’s death were similar to Dolly’s. Due to the leads the investigators had, the case was able to stay open. Who would be found as the murderer? Anybody who had come into contact with the couple was interviewed, from Georgia all the way to Australia. This is a story full of jealous rage. After the investigation finally ends, the reader is compelled to find out what really happened behind closed doors and who actually committed the crime in this ironic murder.

In Too Late to Say Goodbye, Anne Rule was able to portray an upsetting but true reality that many people can endure, a toxic marriage. Reading this novel will make you aware of betrayal, police investigations and failing marriages.
Too Late to Say Goodbye is a twisted story that does not end until you read the very last page. I can suggest this book for all girls in their late teens and up. This book will astonish the reader throughout the entire novel and you won’t want to put it down. Too Late to Say Goodbye is also a true story that will tear up anyone’s heart.

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