The walking dead:volume 1:days gone bye by Robert Kirkman,Tony moore

February 3, 2012
By deadmau5 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
deadmau5 BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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The Walking Dead Volume 1:Days gone bye
ZOMBIES? like them hate them well this book is not all about zombies its also about
real life situations.
Rick grimes woke up in a coma and no one is around, the hospital is like a ghost
town. Rick opens this door that says dead inside, well that's the first time he sees these
things aka zombies. He is trying to find his wife and son in a world full of chaos.
The Grimes, Rick a cop is the main character and his family is Lori and Carl. Ricks
partner in crime is named Shane, there are allot more people 2 others are Glen and
There are so much good parts, one is where Rick is in the city and glen saves him
from the zombies by telling him to not use his gun and brought him to the camp where there
are more people another good part is at the end so read the book to know what I'm talking
Trust me its not a book to scare you but if it does good but the topic is
serious and dramatic. zombie movies don't need to be kill kill kill with blood and gore or
have a zombie be right around the corner to pop out like a jack in the box and scare you. In
the walking dead they wanted to have the people explore and deal with extreme situations
and how they do it will effect other stuff.
³The walking dead is the zombie movie that wont end well not for a good long time´
said by Robert Kirkman the author
This book will have you reading from beginning to end without stopping.

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