The Bomb by Theodore Taylor

February 2, 2012
By Anonymous

This book of the island of the Marshallese is an amazing book. This place with a brave teen named Sorry. He’s so tight with his uncle Abram. It wasn’t fair to them how the Americans treated them. You’ll feeling happy, sad, and surprised the entire way through. I loved this book and I think you will to.

The Bomb will tell the story of America vs. Japan. America stole this island from Japan and now is asking the Marshallese people to move for two years because they want to test a bomb on their island. Abram got an idea to stop them but when he came back from sea he died! Sorry wouldn’t have it though, he carried on with his uncles idea and went to save his people!
The way the book was written was amazing. The author described it really well. She showed how the government treated and scared people. The government brainwashes people into paying taxes, living in fear, and not having a choice. This goes on everywhere where we have to give so much only to survive. The author did a good job showing that.
People shouldn’t read this if they don’t like war because it shows a lot how war affect people’s lives and ruins many lives. I like this book because it teaches you facts and events from the 1940’s. I hope this book will change peoples perspective on the world and make peace. If there was one thing I would change then it would be to make the ending happier but who wouldn’t? Read this book and find out about the world!

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