Eldest by Christopher Paolini

February 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Eldest Review
By Christopher Paolini

Eldest is the second book of the Inheritance cycle. If you have not read Eragon, the first book, then you should not read this book yet. Following the battle of Farthen Dur, Ajihad, the leader of the Varden, is killed. His daughter Nasuada takes up the leadership of the Varden and decides to move the Varden to Surda, while Eragon and Saphira travel to Du Weldenvarden, the elf homeland, to study with a mysterious elf teacher.
Meanwhile Roran, Eragon’s cousin, returns to Carvahall from Therinsford to make some money before proposing to his love Katrina. Then things go wrong. The Ra’zac and Galbatorix’s troops come to siege the town, and Katrina is turned over to the Ra’zac. Roran and Carvahall fight off the soldiers and escape into the Spine, a dangerous, rocky area where they decide to leave for faraway Surda and freedom.

Saphira is the last free dragon in Algaesia, and Eragon is her Rider. Riders have special powers. They can use magic by using the ancient language. Saphira is friendly, but fierce in battle. She has a big heart and and a large amount of knowledge. Eragon is also extremely friendly and tries to make friends with everybody. But this is one of his faults too. He tries to save everyone and will trust people easily.

Roran, Eragon, Saphira, and Nasuada must find a way to destroy evil King Galbatorix and restore peace throughout Algaesia, their homeland.

This book, of the four in the series, was my favourite. The story was interesting and exciting and I especially enjoyed the ending. Often things looked as if Eragon or Roran were finished, but they battle through, and keep going.

Readers who enjoy fantasy and adventure type stories will love this book. It is a large book though and might not be the best for beginners. Mr. Paolini’s descriptive text had me reading all four books in less than three months. He always seemed to be writing through the character using his or her five senses. This book is very much like the Harry Potter series, where both Harry and Eragon have to kill someone evil. So if you liked Harry Potter, you’ll love Eldest.
In this book, I connected with each character and found myself wishing for something specific to happen. Christopher Paolini never disappointed though, and I am sure he won’t for you either.

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