The Pigman

January 25, 2012
By kayla6 BRONZE, Kenova, West Virginia
kayla6 BRONZE, Kenova, West Virginia
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If heard of a book called the Pigman you would probably think it was about a man that lived like a pig. The Pigman is a wonderful book that I enjoyed reading. The author Paul Zindel originally intended this book to be read by young adults like me. The genre of this book is a realistic fiction which means that it could me real but most likely would not happen.
This book takes place in New York. John, Lorraine, and Mr. Pignati are the main characters in this book. It all started when John and Lorraine pretended to be part of a charity called the L and J fund and called Mr. Pignati's house collecting donations. Then when John and Lorraine go to Mr. Pignati's house to collect the money they all became friends and they go to the zoo, go roller skating in Mr. Pignati's house and then later on in the book Mr. Pignati has a heart attack and ends up in the hospital. While Mr. Pignati was in the hospital John and Lorraine stayed at his house and the decided to throw a party. Mr. Pignati was released from the hospital early and comes home to them having a huge party.
Something different about this book is each chapter is narrated by someone different they alternate between John and Lorraine. This book is way better than any other book I have ever read, but I haven't read very many books before though but The Pigman was definitely the best one. My opinion of this book is that it is a very good book this book did get confusing at points but in the end it all made sense. I loved reading this book.
I recommend this book to teenagers that love to read books that are good but confusing. This book was a really good book I would love to read the rest of the series if I had the time. The Pigman, believe it or not it is not a book about a man that lives like a pig, it is about a man that collects glass pigs and his name was Angelo Pignati.

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