Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

January 25, 2012
By NWphotography BRONZE, Cusseta, Georgia
NWphotography BRONZE, Cusseta, Georgia
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Jurassic park presents a unique combination of superior writing as well as science. He conveys a well known subject, “dinosaurs,” and groups together a learning experience rarely seen in books today.

A rich old man who has an obsessive passion for dinosaurs, has phenomenal dreams of creating the impossible. The world of dinosaurs and people collide as John Hammond has nothing else to spend his millions of dollars on. He creates Jurassic Park, a “new world” full of dinosaurs, insects, and plants from the Jurassic age millions of years ago.

An intelligent mathematician, Ian Malcolm, predicts that Jurassic part will not and cannot work. He presents the Chaos Theory, which Hammond quickly dismisses. When dinosaurs escape their cages, chaos erupts as everyone on (and off) the island is in grave danger.

Jurassic Park is for readers who thirst for knowledge and enjoy action packed novels. Weak stomachs are encouraged NOT to read this as it contains many detailed descriptions of countless dinosaur attacks. Example: “…and the raptor was jerking its head, tugging at Wu’s intestines even though Wu was still alive…”

I implore you to join me into this fascinating world of DINOSAURS.
Rating: 8/10

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