True Blue by Deborah Ellis

January 24, 2012
By LilDino BRONZE, Kelowna, B.C, Other
LilDino BRONZE, Kelowna, B.C, Other
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True Blue By Deborah Ellis

It was a normal day at church, Jess and pretty much the whole town was there. When Casey( Jess’s best friend) stepped out she was tackled by police men and arrested for murder of Stephanie Glass, a young girl who once attended Ten Willows camp. Jess and Casey had been her camp counselors later that summer. Stephanie went missing during a campout, supervised by Jess and Casey. Jess couldn’t have killed her she was driving a young girl to the hospital. So it must’ve been Casey, but was it? Is Casey guilty?
I loved this book! Deborah Ellis mad the story interesting by coming up with the perfect twists and turns. I think the best part about the book was the little flash backs to the camp days. It gives you clues as to if Casey is guilty or not. Also it lets you know a little bit more about how Stephanie behaved and her relationships with Jess and Casey. It could’ve been better if they told you more about the past between the two girls, to really see how jess and Casey became friends.
I think if you are really into mystery books then you should definitely read this. I personally enjoyed it because I like mystery books. But it was also kind of a drama book, like some things happen in the book that are pretty dramatic. I also really liked the writing style of the book. I liked when they would flash back to the camp days. Also I felt my personality was similar to Jess’s. I think I would have done exactly what she did if one of my friends was arrested

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