Shabanu by Suzanne Fisher Staples

January 16, 2012
By gurleens323 BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
gurleens323 BRONZE, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
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Shabanu, the main character in the book Shabanu, is a young girl who had the strength to keep the secrets of her heart locked up. Shabanu is a young, courageous, and defiant girl.

Shabanu fights for what she wants and she never backs down. In Cholistan, girls have to obey whatever her father tells her. Shabanu was put in many horrible situations. Most girls would just sit there and cry, feeling sorry for themselves, but Shabanu took action. For instance when Shabanu's father beat her, she refused to cry out. Also, when Phulan takes the boy she is supposed to marry that doesn't lessen her love for her sister at all. This proves how strong her love for her sister is as well as the strength of her character.

Shabanu went through many terrifying experiences in the book. But not once had she ever doubted herself. For example, when Shabanu was forced to wed a 55 year-old man, she tried to run away, knowing the horrid consequences if she were to get caught. It was a horribly risky choice, but this was her only chance to get out of marrying an old man. She took it like a woman and bit the bullet.

Shabanu faced the world with unrelenting courage. It is hard to come across people like her with her strength, valiance, and unyielding determination.

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