The First Part Last by Angela Jonhson

January 16, 2012
By Anonymous

The First Part Last By: Angela Johnson
Published By: Simon Pulse in 2005

"The first part last" was written by Angela Johnson, and this story is published by Simon Pulse in 2005. Angela Johnson wrote this story because Kevin Lewis, Angela’s editor told her that a group of sixth graders had said Bobby was their favorite character in the book “Heaven”. So she decided to write a novel featuring Bobby. She got the idea of Bobby being a father while being a teenager because one day on the subway she saw a teen boy carrying a baby and thought it was his little sister, but then she thought and realized that the baby he was carrying could have been his daughter.

The book “The First Part Last” had a great structure for teens. The story really addressed everyday subjects and problems such as teen pregnancy and parents being spilt- up, or divorced. This book was a quick and easy read. It would be good for you if you need to do a last minute project or just to read independently.

This book had some good details on some of the consequences and some rules Bobby had to face, like how in the book it said (on page 14) “ In the dictionary next to “sitter” there is not a picture of grandma. It’s time to grow up. Too late, you are out of time, be a grown up.” This quote means Bobby’s mother Mary will watch feather from time to time but she will not be the babysitter because at the end of the day she is just feathers grandmother not her mother. Also in the book (on page 25) it said “ Could she just write me a note and get me out of this? I just want one note to get me out of this one.” What is quote means is Bobby wants a note out of father. This does not mean he doesn’t love his child because he still sacrifices things for her but he is young and not ready to be a father yet.

In the book it explains how Bobby and Nia were raised differently. The ways they were raised differently was Nia grew with every wall in her house white, postmodern sculptures, and everything so clean you can eat off it. Bobby grew up in a loud house with jazz, Motown, and reggae music always playing in the background, Moroccan rugs and colors everywhere. Also Bobby’s parents basically handed bobby condoms and was like here we know you are going to do it so use these. While Nia’s parents were anti- sex, which is how a lot of parents are these days.

When you read this book you will notice that each chapter is either titled “now” or “then”. The “now” chapters is after Nia’s pregnancy and is when bobby already has feather is taking care of her. The “then” chapters are when Nia was pregnant, and when they found out Nia was pregnant. At the end of the book there is a chapter called “ Nia” which is about her life and her goals in life. Also there is a chapter called “Heaven” which is about Bobby moving to Ohio.

I though “The First Part Last” was a great story! It was very interesting, realistic, and informative. I even thought the way the characters and the way they talked was realistic because it is the way teenager’s act and talk in real life. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone that likes books that have drama, teen pregnancy, and books that kind of give you advice.

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