Perfect by Natasha Friend

January 13, 2012
By ashleeroseb SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
ashleeroseb SILVER, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Did you know that 1 out of every 100 females, is diagnosed with Bulimia at least once in their life? In the book Perfect by Natasha Friend Bulimia took a hold of a girl named Kristina after her father passed away. The pressure to be perfect in the social light, with one parent, was to much for her. So she started throwing up her food. I’m going to tell you about the book, what I like and dislike about it, and why I recommend it.

Perfect is about a girl trying to fit in middle school. When the main character, Kristina, finds she can’t be perfect after her father’s death she begins vomiting after eating. In the book, she consumes massive amounts of food, followed by large amounts of water or soda to make it easier to regurgitate later. This book tells of Kristina’s struggle to overcome her Bulimia.
Perfect had some faults, but over-all it was a good book. One thing that I did like about this book is it’s easy to relate to and easy to understand. Usually it doesn’t say what Kristina’s feeling, but if put in her place its relatively easy to figure out. Another thing I like, is that it’s hard not to feel sympathetic toward Kristina and her family. One major thing I don’t like is that the author, Natasha Friend, didn’t talk about what happened to Kristina’s father very much. Anyone who has read the book, knows the impact his death had on her and her family with his death.
One major reason why I recommend this book, is because its good to know the struggles that people go through with Bulimia. One thing to remember is that Perfect is very descriptive, so I only recommend to people with strong stomachs. To me it seems, the most important reason is so people realize that everyone has struggles and downfalls. Don’t let them define you.
Bulimia takes over lives everyday in the form of confidence—something only the truly confident are willing to voluntarily give up in order to overcome the disease. So be wise, and help people with there struggles. Perfect is a book that, with some thought, could give perspective in many different situations concerning eating disorders. So, don’t lose yourself in an effort to “fit in” or be “perfect.” Live by your own expectations. My Rating? 7/10

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