Hit and Run by R.L. Stine

January 13, 2012
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“”But we were all there,” Cassie told him. “We all decided to leave rather than stay and face the consequences. We all were there without a license. All of us.”” Think about it, what if someday someone close was saying this. Hit and Run, by R.L. Stine, is full of twists that shows readers what could happen in a horrible situation. This is a suspenseful book with great criteria.

This leads me to talk about the book layout. Each of the chapters are not too unique. This is the only thing that I would tell about what could have been better. The chapters are like most of the other books that I have read. Each chapter has a title, and the name of the title is the main idea of that chapter. The layout of this book is very standard, simple, and basic. The book goes in order according to happenings, and there are few flashbacks. The first chapter is like an introduction and it gets the reader reading. It follows the main essay or speech type of outline. By doing this, it keeps the reader reading with suspense.

One reason I liked this book is because it was full of twists. Once I thought I knew what was going to happen, it would hit me with something totally unexpected. This type of writing that the author uses kept me thinking. This book leaves me worried, as if what was happening in the book had happened to me. Cassie, Scott, Eddie, and Winks are the four main characters. They are all around my age and it seems like I was going through what they were going through. I guess this book can do that to people. Their situations are unreal, and this stuff happens in the real world.

Hit and Run gives the readers a main message. It shows what can happen in bad encounters. It helps readers avoid these types of situations. Bad situations have huge consequences, as the book said, “Having the feeling of terror.” All of the guilt each of the characters had felt was unbelievable. I would have the reaction like Eddie had. He was scared out of his mind! He was the one driving that gray night under the Hanson Underpass. He wasn’t expecting a man, wearing a blue and red baseball cap, to be standing in the middle of the road. They were only having fun, out on a little “joy ride.” This idea they had, of driving under age, was unexpected. It was unexpected, just like the twists in this book.

Hit and Run, by R.L. Stine, is full of twists and that shows readers what could happen in a horrible situation. A reason as to why I think this book was written is to give young adults a realization of what can happen when they drive under age. I would recommend this book for people who are looking for an old-school thriller. I could tell that the setting was sometime back in the day. I kind of liked this book because of that. I also really enjoyed this book because of its twists and it gave me a heads up on what can happen if I ever came upon this type of situation. People never really know what can happen. Did Eddie really kill that man or is he somewhere, lurking around for revenge?

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