Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli

January 12, 2012
By CameronBrown BRONZE, Wellsburg, West Virginia
CameronBrown BRONZE, Wellsburg, West Virginia
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Milkweed by Jerry Spinal is a novel set in World War II. The main theme is good versus evil. Milkweed is a historical fiction. The theme good virus evil is when Uri and Misha were best friends and that the end of the book Uri shoots Misha is the ear. They were living in a nice town and then they had to move to the ghetto because of the army.

Misha is an orphan and a gypsy that moves in with a Jewish family. Where they lived the army did not feed them every day so Misha would go over the wall and stole food. Misha would take some food to the orphans and for this family.

I think the book Milkweed was interesting because it gave a lot of detail of what happened and what they did to the Jews. I learned about all the staff Hitler did to the Jews and how hard it was to get food to live. It was difficult to read because of what littler did to the Jews and to orphans. He didn’t treat them right and I think that he should have been treated the same way.

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