A Child Called ''It'' by Dave Pelzer

January 10, 2012
A Child Called ‘’It’’

By: Dave Pelzer

He was hit to the floor, beaten, thrown, and kicked! Dave Pelzer was abused throughout his whole childhood by his drunken mother, Catherine Roerva Pelzer. Dave wasn’t considered a part of the Pelzer Family. Dave was called ‘’It.’’
The book, A Child Called ‘’It’’ by Dave Pelzer was about Dave himself who was beaten constantly by his mother. His case was the worst child abuse case in California history. In the beginning of Dave’s life, he was once loved and cared for by his mother. Once he turned five, her attitude drastically changed. His mother made him do the most horrible things a child could ever go through. Dave had to win and cheat to survive his mother’s awful ‘’games.’’

As you read more and more of the worst child abuse cases in California history, it’s hard to imagine what his mother did to him because it’s unbelievable. A Child Called ‘’It’’ is one emotional story of how Dave Pelzer survived his abused life.

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