Warriors Into the Wild by Erin Hunter

January 8, 2012
Warriors Into the Wild
by Erin Hunter

There are few books that are amazing. There are even fewer that are perfect. Warriors Into the Wild is the only book in my life that I have actually found perfect. So, if you can spare a bit of your time to read this review you would benefit greatly from it, because you might end up finding out about the perfect book for you.

The setting of the story is a giant forest where the four clans of cats trained to fight, and possibly even kill to defend their territory live. The characters of the story are Rusty, a house cat that decided one night to explore the forests. Then suddenly he get's attacked by a wild cat and the story continues from there. Graypaw, a Thunderclan apprentice, who found Rusty when he was exploring. Lionheart, a warrior who is Graypaw's mentor. Bluestar, the leader of Thunderclan, and Yellowfang, a former member of Shadowclan, who ends up being found by Rusty. The main conflict in the story is following Rusty's apprenticeship in Thunderclan, and the growing tensions between Thunderclan and Shadowclan.

If your a dog person, don't just dismiss this book just because it's about cats. I am a dog owner myself, and I am still reading the series to this day. That's another amazing thing about this book. Even though I think cats are mean nasty little fur balls, this book is still good. Because it is very well written fantasy it will captivate you and make you want to read more, even if you hate cat's. If I loved this book this much and have a deep hatred for cats, you will like it too, despite your feelings about cats.

Like I said earlier, everything in this book is perfect. The Forest is an interesting environment that is somewhat realistic. The characters are interesting and some readers may be able to connect to them. The plot is intriguing and will make you want to read the sequels. (The warriors series currently extends to three other series after the first on with many of the same cats still being characters in the story, but focuses on new cats as main characters).

If your a fan of fantasy, you will love this book. In my opinion the series is just as good as other famous fantasy series like the Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings, if not better. I know that sounds like too much praise, but trust me it's the praise this book, and series, earns.

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