Old Yeller by Fred Gipson

January 6, 2012
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Old Yeller is a good book to read. I saw the movie, so I got the book to read. The setting is back in the old western days. There was a boy named Travis that wanted a horse so he could be like his dad. His dad got him a dog and said that when he got back then he would get him a horse if he took care of the family. So, Travis got his dog and this was no ordinary dog. Old Yeller was a dog that was just a big help. Old Yeller was a dog that was always around, so you couldn’t ignore him. A big event that took place was when the hogs got a hold of Old Yeller. He was pretty banged up but he survived it. This wasn’t the only bad break that Old Yeller caught. Later on in the book, Old Yeller got into a fight with this stray wolf at the bon fire. Old Yeller was just trying to protect the family. Later Travis and the rest of the family found out that Old Yeller had received rabies from the stray wolf. This was a part of the book that made Travis make a grown up decision. As much as he loved Old Yeller, he knew that he would have to go and shoot Old Yeller. They wouldn’t be able to keep Old Yeller with his severe case of rabies. So, Travis went out to the barn and killed him. These scenes made this book full of mystery because you never knew what was going to happen with Old Yeller. Old Yeller was a dog that any family would want to have. He started out a little rough, but he became a part of the family real quick. I think that Fred Gipson was just a great author in this book. Fred Gipson was good about how he made the book mysterious. I would’ve never thought that Old Yeller was going to get rabies. Over all, I liked the book a lot. I thought that the book was a little sad as well. I not sure that I would’ve been able to do what Travis did. This book is the kind of book that will keep you on your toes throughout the different scenes. So, if you like mysteries and a little touch of sadness, then Old Yeller is the perfect book for you.

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