Mouse by Jeff Stone

January 2, 2012
By Anonymous

The Book “Mouse” Is about a young thief child, named mouse, without a home. He has tattered clothing, no friends or relatives and is practically skin and bones. As he is completing his daily routine of stealing from unsuspecting people, he comes across two “most wanted” fugitive monks from the government. They are named Crane and Eagle. They feel pity for him and take him along on their journey to overthrow the government. While trying to spy on the evil emperor, he finds himself stranded on a boat with not only the emperor, but one hundred of his most elite soldiers. He is forced to act as the emperor’s personal servant. If he makes one wrong move, it could cost him his life.
Three reasons I liked this book are, one, it left me guessing and wanting to read it again and again. Secondly, most books have either a bad ending or a bad beginning, but this book was exiting and kept me interested from cover to cover. Finally it was told at multiple points of view, so it wasn’t just the same person talking for the whole book.
On a scale from one to five, I would rate this book a five. This is because it was both action packed and suspenseful. I was always nervous about what would happen next, but I stood at the edge of my chair when the awesome Kung-fu action took place. I was so into it that I barley had enough time to sleep! I would recommend this book to young adults because even though it is a shorter book, it is full of action packed Kung-fu violence.

The author's comments:
I was inspired because I have read four other books in this series, and I have loved them all.

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