The Island's End by Padma Ventrakaman

December 30, 2011
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Coming from an older female perspective, this book was a very enchanting compelling read.
Ventrakam included her own experiences as a young girl seeking an spiritual adventure with her own tribe.
The main genre of the book was part biography and part fantasy.

Venkatraman creates a vivid world surrounded by water and coral reefs, a world where everything is different.
She makes the island itself as a character as the seasons change.
Uido Ventrakam’s main central character journeys across the island with a main spiritual purpose and mission to lead her tribe and family to the spiritual values away from the allures of moderinisation.
The readers will associate her being a young woman who is tied to the traditional ways.

The characters voice was strong and genuine, it reads as if she had really experienced the spiritual world by entering another world and retold the story to the readers in a diary account format from a young woman’s perspective.
The main themes explored are powers of family, spirituality, strong will, determination, female empowerment in being the only female leader to lead her tribe.
The authors view gave a great insight into the world of tribal man and the place of female statue within that world.
There are some great teachings and morals to the story such as appreciating the spirituality; by the way Ventrakam brings a very positive influence and example in creating this character to all young women to be strong, empowered and do not get tempted too much into materialism. To keep to tradition.

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Kimberlywrites said...
Jan. 12, 2012 at 3:00 pm
Sounds like an interesting book! Great review!
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