The Confession by John Grisham

December 26, 2011
Another mind-blowing hit by Grisham! The Confession is an enthralling story of Travis Boyette and Keith Schroeder and their race against time to save an innocent man.
Keith Schroeder is a reverend in Kansas, happily married with three boys. One chilly day, Travis Boyette walks into his office, to confess his sins to the reverend. He says that he committed a crime nine years ago, a murder. He also tells Keith that he had a brain tumor, that is killing him and is also inoperable. He says that recently, he heard that a boy named Donte Drumm is going to be executed in five days for the crime that Boyette committed. The state of Texas is about to execute an innocent man.
Keith begs Boyette to step up right this minute and get himself to Texas. But even if he did get there in time, would anyone with any power believe him, a ex-con with a rap sheet a mile long? And even if he did, how would he possibly be able to get there in time, with no drivers license and no friends?
This story gives a supposedly fictitious look into death row really made me wonder if the death penalty is right. What gives anyone the right to kill another human being? By killing the murderers, aren't we just as bad as the people we are trying to rid America of? And most importantly, how often have we killed the wrong man?

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