A taste of Crimson by Majorie M Lee

December 22, 2011
By Cynthia2594 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Cynthia2594 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The book of A Taste of Crimson to me was a brilliant book. It was a paranormal romance that showed readers suspense, mystery, love, strength, and death. The more you read the book the more you can’t put it down. This book was the second book of the series Crimson City and personally my favorite. The book is about woman (Keeli) who is close to being Alfa female of a werewolf pack and she comes across a vampire (Michael) who she finds extremely handsome. He helps the werewolves find things out with the war between vampire, werewolves, mechs, druids, humans, and demons. The man and woman fall deeply in love and everyone around them disapprove of it. They disapprove because of the fact that she is a werewolf and her love is a vampire. The two main species didn’t want it to seem like they were forming an alliance against the humans. They also don’t want a make a new type of breed of half vampire and half werewolf. Everyone in L.A (scene of the books) knows that all these species exist. The humans formed special ops to take down any paranormal activities. As more and more species pore into the city more and more things tend to go wrong. The vampires and werewolves don’t want to go against the humans but when they try to form an alliance the ops don’t seem to believe them. There is also rogues that make the special ops worried that they have things to do with the problems around the city. The vampires and werewolves plan to have an alliance with the humans but in order to do that they need to prove to them that they can be trusted. As the book ends Keeli and Michael do end up having a baby together and things just get more chaotic after that. It shows remarkable plot and great beginning, middle and end.

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