Belly Up by Stuart Gibbs

December 21, 2011
Belly Up, by Staurt Gibbs, is a great book about a hippo murder mystery. I think that this book is very creative, and makes me want to keep reading. This book is one of the best books that I have ever read.

In Belly Up, two kids named Teddy and Summer share what they know as they try to find out who killed the hippo. Henry the Hippo. The most famous hippopotamus in America. They go through some crazy adventures to find out who killed the hippo, and eventually come up with some answers, only, those answers weren’t exactly correct.

Stuart Gibbs did a great job writing this book. This book has a great conflict - the famous hippo was murdered and they don’t know who did it. During the book, Teddy and Summer find clues as to how and why the hippo was murdered and who murdered it. “‘One day he was healthy. The next day he was dead. It seemed wrong.’” (Gibbs, 130). Teddy was suspicious from the very beginning. And his suspicions gave him the determination to find the person who would kill the hippo.

I also thought it was great how the book was written in 1st person point of view. I thought that because it allowed you to understand what the Teddy was thinking. “Good riddance, I thought, stifling a smile.” (Gibbs, 4). It was important to understand what Teddy was thinking throughout the story, otherwise, you would become very lost very quickly.

I would recommend this book to just about anyone. Adults and kids. Boys and girls. I think it is a great book that anyone would enjoy.

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