the titan's curse by rick riordan

December 21, 2011
January 9, @2012

Rick Riordan
Hyperion Books
144 Fifth Avenue,
New York, New York 10011

Dear Rick Riordan:

Hello my name is Jake I am a eighth grade boy in Dexter Michigan. My teacher is making us write these reviews.

There is the book review of The Titan’s Curse attached to the back of this. That was a very good book. and I liked it a lot.

I like all of your books a lot but the best ones were the Percy Jackson series maybe you could write more books in that series because everybody liked the Percy Jackson series. And please reply. “Please use the enclosed self-addressed return envelope for your reply.”


Percy receives a distress call from grover. He has found two demigods and they are powerful. He will need the help from his friends to get them to the camp safely. But what they didn’t know was that they are being lead right in to a trap from Kronos the titan lord.

In this book Percy, Annabeth, and Grover go on a funny, action packed adventure to save the demigods and bring them to camp safely. Along the way they meet friend and foe and fight monster after monster after monster. Will they be able to bring the demigods to camp half blood safely or will they fall into the grips of the titan lord Kronos. Read this book to find out.

This is one of the best books I have ever read. If you have read the first two in the percy jackson series then you have to read this one. It is a funny action packed adventure with a really good story line. If you like learning about greek mythology or just want to sit down with a good book then this is for you. It is good for almost all reading levels and is a very entertaining book. With lots of fun characters and lots of monsters this is a super good book and I would recommend this to anybody of the age of ten or older and I know that they will love it. This is the perfect book for anyone who likes mythology and will keep them glued to the book until they finish and after that they will wont to read the rest of the series and all the other books by this author.

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